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We look for incredibly talented, driven

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to create healthy communities through chiropractic care.

Positions at One Chiropractic Studio

If what you’ve learnt on our website lit a fire in you, and you think you might fit one of the job descriptions below, go ahead and apply, we’d love to get to know you! If you’re really great, but none of the jobs suits you, you can send an unsolicited application directly to  [email protected].


Associate Position

You want to be part of a Team of outstanding associates. You believe in the bigger picture for chiropractic and have a higher purpose. You dream big and to provide high quality chiropractic care to your community. Always give 100%.


The COMPANY seeks candidates with qualities determined by the following attributes:-

Quality Attributes
Values Community, Minimalistic, Unity,  Integrity, Principled, Leadership, Purpose Driven, Reliability, Ethical, Humility, Advancement

Team player, Strong work ethics, Go-getter, Coachable, Positive, Adaptable, Responds accurately to advice, Possess the desire to learn, Prosperity conscious, Relationship builder, Inspirational, Professional, Constantly Training Mentality.




Takes leadership, Initiative, Disciplined, Result-oriented, Self-developing




Confident, Charismatic, Energy Rich, Articulate, Ability to connect and influence, Sound content, Multi-Language




Based on: Adjusting Techniques, Chiropractic Analysis, X-Ray Analysis, Case correlation, Patient communication, Recommendation for care




Based on: wellness, preventive, family, structural, tonal, corrective, performance, function, subluxation


Current Practices are located in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Arnhem. The associate might be required to work in the above locations.

What We Offer

  • Huge impact. You’ll experience what it’s like to lead a team that comes to disrupt and that aims to win big. Combined with our knowledge of the chiropractic world, your have a good chance of ending up serving hundreds of families in your community.
  • Independence. You’ll be responsible for your practice and team, and no one will micromanage you. Together with your colleagues, you’ll be free to choose a direction, test, fail, and try again.
  • Top-notch team. You’ll be surrounded by experts, leaders, and innovators. You’ll work with some of the brightest and nicest people you’ve ever met and experience what it feels like to be part of a visionary chiropractic movement.

Administrative &

Business Administrator

If you have the drive, desire and initiative to work with a great team organization, we want to talk to you. The ONE Chiropractic Studio provides chiropractic services, and we would like for you to join our caring team. Let us turn that passion for health and wellness and love of helping people, into a rewarding career. We love to advance the quality and availability of Chiropractic care in the Wellness industry.

Upholding core values


Job Outline

Managing schedule – planning new patient appointments and manage current appointments

Answering incoming calls from multiple locations

General business administration – emails, recruiting, event planning

Invoice and billing support

Basic marketing

Interpersonal communication with other team members

Extra Skillset:

Share personal Chiropractic experience and stories


  • Computer Skills: 3 years (Required)
  • Customer Service: 3 Year+ (Required)
  • Marketing: 1 year+ (Preferred)


Fluent in both English and Dutch

High school or equivalent (Required)

Hours per week:

Open to discussion

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

Dependable, Confident, Good at Multitasking, Good Time Management skills, Organized, Attentive to details

People-oriented — enjoys interacting with people and working on group projects