Free Spinal Health Check

Free Posture Check
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Our Free Spinal Health Check is useful when you are experiencing pain or tension, or when you want to check your bodies wellness. It’s also suitable if you are simply unsure if the problem you’re experiencing is coming from the spine.

Free Checkup

A completely free way to check the health of your spine. Includes specialist photos of your spine.

Get to know Chiropractic

Perfect if you’re considering chiropractic, but if you’re not entirely sure if it’s right for you.

See how your body measures up

Get insights in how your body measures up, whether you’re experiencing pain or aches – or not.

Free Posture Check

The posture check is similar to how we measure our cars balance and alignment to make sure the car is aligned, staying on course, safe and not wearing itself out unnecessarily. The body of course is infinitely more complex and sophisticated. But in the same way a car can develop issues if not properly balanced and looked after, so can your body.
Posture is an important window to your spine and health, because it influences how well our nervous system works. And your nervous system is what controls all muscles, organs and functions in the body. 

10 key body signals that our chiropractors will look for during your free posture check:

1. Forward head carriage
2. Uneven at the shoulders
3. Forward or rounding the shoulders
4. Uneven hip alignment
5. Rotated pelvis
6. A lateral deviation of the spine (Scoliosis)
7. Weight distribution (sometimes people bear more weight on one side, often affecting knees and ankles)
8. Musles tone – uneven muscle tensions
9. Body lean or body compensation
10. Postural strain (inflammation)

How our Free Posture Check works

In the posture check, we want to assess your posture and the health of your spine and body. The check will take about 10-15 minutes. The check consists of the following steps:
  • You will talk with our chiropractor to understand what your body has been through
  • The chiropractor will take specialist posture photos to see any postural deviations
  • We will check your body’s weight distribution
  • The chiropractor will discuss the findings with you and give you tips
  • You can book any further appointments, but only if you want to do so.

Our Posture Check explained

Who is the FREE posture check right for?

The free posture check is great for people that are:

– Considering chiropractic but are not entirely sure if it is right for them or not
Have minimal or no aches or pains but are interested to see how their bodies measure up
– Want the best posture possible
– Want to come as a couple or family to get a check up

Will I get treatment?

The posture check is an analysis and spinal check only. There is no chiropractic treatment on this visit. If you want to try chiropractic adjustments then you have the opportunity to schedule that in afterwards!

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