Chiropractor in the center of Arnhem, located in Kortestraat 21.

Our One Chiropractic Studio in Arnhem is conveniently located 5 minutes walk from the Central Station, walking distance in the heart of the city. Our Studio is preciously hosted by an historical building. In Kortestraat 21 the families and community of Arnhem can relax and receive excellent chiropractic care in our cosy Studio.

Our Arnhem Chiropractors are a professional group of individuals that truly care not only about your symptoms, but about you as a person.

In fact, the chiropractors in Arnhem during your initial consultation will elaborate a plan for helping you to reach your health goals. Moreover, our different care plans are personally tailored to help you reach your goals fast and help you maintain them in the long term.


Kortestraat 21 6811 EP
Phone: 06 38084947

Arnhem Chiropractor Opening Hours

Monday 3.30 pm- 7.00 pm

Friday 3.30 pm- 7.00 pm

Is there parking? There is paid parking available next to the chiropractic center close to AlbertHijn.

How long is the first consultation? Allow 45 minutes in total.

How much does a chiropractic visit cost? The first visit will cost 90€. Regular chiropractic adjustments cost 60 euros.

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