Our innovative
3 steps approach:

1. The ONE Life Score
2. The ONE Circle Care Plan
3. The ONE Approach

Our unique approach

The ONE Circle of Life approach aims to move you to your health goals and towards a sustainable healthy life through chiropractic care. We have spent years perfecting the art and we have come down to 3 simple steps:

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1. ONE Life score

In your initial consultation we will listen to your needs and help you realise where you stand in your health journey through our innovative ONE Life Score ©. Our chiropractors will collect important information regarding any health issues or goals you might have. Our initial assessment is designed to provide you with new health insights, lay down your lifestyle goals and assess your spinal and nervous system adaptability. Our ONE Life Score includes the latest specific tests to analyze your nervous system and spinal function.

2. Circle Care Plan

Depending on the ONE Life score our chiropractors will show you the best recommendation for your phase of chiropractic care, which is where we recommend you begin your journey.
We will discuss the levels of subluxations in your spine to be adjusted, how many sessions, the phases of care and the frequency of your chiropractic adjustments. The One Circle Care plan provides you with the roadmap for your chiropractic correction process to achieve your maximum potential.

3. ONE Approach

The One Approach is built on the foundations of of the best chiropractic techniques and specific spinal analysis. Our One Chiropractic Studio chiropractors spend years training in order to best adapt to your needs.
The One approach ranges from traditional specific chiropractic adjustments, instrument assisted or gentle touches on the spine. Our commitment is to always keep training and provide you with the safest and most advanced knowledge in the chiropractic profession.


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“An amazing place, full of kind and professional people. I did it all and nothing has helped me with my back pain as they did. I’m a much happier person thanks to their care and support!”