Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain or lumbago affects millions each year and can be caused by abnormalities in the spine, joints, muscles or the nerves in the lower back. The modern day lifestyle of prolonged sitting or sometimes jobs that involve lifting, pulling or twisting largely contribute to lower back pain. Since lumbago means suffering from lower back pain it is important to look deeper into what may be causing the lower back symptoms. Symptoms range from a dull ache to sharp shooting or stabbing pains and at best can be annoying and at worst severely debilitating, hindering quality of life.


Once you know a bit more about the cause there are several options.


The first option is bed rest. Research has shown that bed rest can actually worsen the problem and prolong the recovery.


The second option is often painkiller medication. While painkillers can offer temporary relief it does little to help the problem which is causing the pain.


The third option is often physiotherapy. However, if the problem is coming from the spine, exercising spinal joints that are misaligned is like driving a car with misaligned wheels.


The fourth option and most drastic option is spinal surgery. Sometimes spinal surgery makes sense, but it is risky and more than half spinal surgeries fail. A spinal laminectomy cuts away the facet joints and spinal fusion cuts away at the disc and immobilizes the joint.


How Can Chiropractic Care Help Lower Back Pain?


Chiropractic care can be a fantastic way to manage, relieve swelling and pain caused by lower back pain. Chiropractic provides a safe, no invasive, non addictive alternative to pain prescription medications which are usually prescribed. In addition, chiropractors through increasing joint mobility, reducing misalignments, and optimizing your nervous system function allow the whole body to become more balanced and harmonious which often increases bodily function.


How long until chiropractic improves my problem?


Patient results can depend on several things such as how long has the problem been in your spine? Apart from the back, are you in good health? Are you getting adequate rest from the irritating factor? Are you keeping the recommended appointments? Nonetheless, within the first few weeks most patients feel enough progress to justify continuing with the recommendations of the chiropractor.