The upper body is specifically designed to open, mobilise, strengthen and stabilise the upper back and shoulders while helping create synergy between the neck and the upper trunk.

This method of exercise is important for creating a habit towards good daily posture and a valuable add on to any other fitness goals you may have. You may notice that certain specific exercises may be repeated through several weeks so as to build more strength in those muscles, while other exercises target improved brain function.

In Week 2 and many other weeks we will need an exercise band and in Week 4 we will ideally need a Swiss ball. 

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For the lower body is designed to target both the smaller overlooked muscles for greater stabilisation as well as the larger ones to generate strength. It is a mix of HiiT, plyometrics and specific band and swiss ball training for maximum body benefits.

The program focuses on gaining strength and stability in the lower trunk, core muscles, the deep hip stabilizers. Some exercises are purposefully repeated in several weeks to gain extra stability. 

In Week 2, 3, 5 and 6 and we will need an exercise band and in Week 5 and 8 we will ideally need a Swiss ball.

We hope you enjoy the program! Like all good things.. You get out of it.. What you put in. So I challenge you to keep the rhythm, stick to it, and give it your all.. best of luck!

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