Thank You

Welcome from the whole One Chiropractic Studio team!

When you enter the chiropractic clinic, you will be warmly welcomed. Drinks and tea are available. You will be then taken into one of our practice rooms where we will:


Step 1: Listen and discuss your body’s history. Then an orientation of what we do.


Step 2: Perform any examinations to help us determine the cause. This is all included in the initial price (See ONE Chiropractic Studio Prices)


Step 3: Perform a chiropractic treatment in order to kick start the healing process.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Teemu Kekkonen Avatar
    12/14/2021 - Google

    I've been a going to the studio for treatment (specifically to dr. Patrick Terrein) for a few months now due to lower back problems. His adjustments have made a big difference for me - the back problems are pretty much gone now. I can recommend the place and specifically dr. Terrein. The whole staff is very professional but the atmosphere is not uptight at all, every visit is very cozy.

    Lysanne Sizoo Psychosociaal Therapie en Counselling Avatar
    10/28/2021 - Google

    I've been delighted with the care and professionalism shown by the whole team at One Chiropractic. From the front desk, to the well thought out health and educational information in which the treatment is imbedded and the hands on adjustment itself. I would warmy recommend Max and his team to anybody who cares about their spinal and overall health.

  • Z. Ben Avatar
    10/07/2021 - Google

    Immediately after entering One Chiropractic Studio I feel at ease, and confident in receiving professional chiropractic care. My backpain is decreasing, my energy is increasing. Very impressed with the overall experience. HIGHLY recommend.

    Luke Colloff Avatar
    9/22/2021 - Google

    I've been having adjustments with Max at One Chiropractic Studio for a few months now. I always feel really good after our sessions and have not been experiencing the upper back/lower neck pain that previously flared up when carrying weight on my back. Additionally, my posture seems to be improving. Definitely recommend checking them out!