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Navigating the Netherlands as a chiropractor may seem like a daunting task, but fear not! Our comprehensive guide is here to ensure your smooth transition, covering everything from registration procedures to cultural integration. Whether you’re adjusting spines or adjusting to a new culture, we’ve got you covered. Discover the key steps to establish your chiropractic practice seamlessly in the Netherlands, and learn tips for embracing the Dutch way of life. Your journey to a thriving practice and integrated lifestyle starts here!

Your Chiropractic Registration with the Dutch Chiropractic Federation (DCF)

There are two chiropractic registers in the Netherlands, the NCA and the DCF. Our chiropractors are all registered with the DCF allowing them to benefit from insurance registration and chiropractic requirements in the Netherlands.

Delve into the DCF registration process by gathering all necessary documentation. Familiarize yourself with their ethical standards, continuing education requirements, and any specific regulations. Your requirements will include:

  • Passing a Basic Chiropractic language Test (200 words Quiz and a few basic questions explaining chiropractic in Dutch)
  • A Diploma from an accredited Chiropractic College
  • Proof of CV or professional experience
  • Your fees are 1500euros per year

VISA Requirements

Navigate the intricacies of the visa process by ensuring your chiropractic studio is IND registered. Collaborate with legal professionals specializing in immigration to streamline the application process. Stay informed about any changes to visa requirements, ensuring your practice remains uninterrupted. A proactive approach to visa compliance sets the stage for a successful chiropractic venture in the Netherlands.

One Chiropractic Studio is IND registered and is supported by a Team of Immigration Lawyers that will handle the VISA process for you.

Where to Live?

Conduct a thorough analysis of potential locations for your practice. Explore the neighborhoods in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and beyond. Consider factors such as demographics, accessibility, and proximity to healthcare facilities. Engage with local real estate agents to find the perfect balance between a thriving practice and a comfortable living space.

Enjoy the business and international vibes of Amsterdam.

The modern city life in Rotterdam.

The beautiful beach in The Hague.

The vibrant restaurants on the canals of Utrecht.

The nature and parks near Arnhem and more.

Most of the One Chiropractic Studio locations are located in the city center and near the train station, which makes it easier for our associates to live in one city and work in another one. All our Studios are within a 1-hour commute radius.

Cost of Living

Break down the cost of living to create a comprehensive budget. Research housing costs, utility bills, transportation expenses, and everyday necessities. Factor in unforeseen circumstances to ensure financial stability. This meticulous approach not only facilitates a smooth transition but also enables you to focus on building a successful chiropractic practice without financial stress.

Here are some indicative costs of living in the Netherlands in 2023:

Rent: One bedroom Studio 1800euros, Share a room in two-bedroom apartment 800

Bills: Water, gas, electricity 150euros per month, Internet 50 euros. Sometimes your bills are included in the rental price.

Travel cost: 100-150euros

Groceries: For 1 week of groceries per couple 90euros

Takeaway: 15-20euros

Entertainment: Movies 20euros, Live Music 10-20 euros

Embrace the Dutch Culture

Immerse yourself in Dutch culture by actively participating in local life. Attend cultural events, language classes, and community gatherings. Familiarize yourself with Dutch work ethics, communication styles, and social norms. Establish connections with locals to cultivate a sense of belonging. A genuine embrace of the Dutch way of life enhances your professional interactions and enriches your personal experience in the Netherlands. Enjoy some Gouda cheese from the local market, have a Belgium beer sitting outdoors in a Dutch bar, cycle along the water of the canals, enjoy some pannekoken (pancakes) for Sunday brunch at the tea house immersed in the forest, visit the tulip fields in the spring

Each step in this guide is a building block for a seamless transition. By investing time and effort into understanding the nuances of registration, visas, location, finances, and culture, you pave the way for a flourishing chiropractic practice in the vibrant landscape of the Netherlands. Enjoy the journey!

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