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The Cafe of Life and The Mosquito Principle

by Dr. Arno Burnier D.C. (Author)| ©2023 405 pages

Meet Dr. Arno Burnier, affectionately known simply as Arno in the world of Chiropractic. A luminary figure in the field, Dr. Burnier is not just a Doctor of Chiropractic but a beacon of wisdom on matters of life, health, and wellbeing, captivating audiences worldwide with his insightful talks. With 35 years of marriage to his remarkable partner, Jane, and a proud parent and grandparent, Arno embodies the values he espouses.

Beyond his clinical practice, Arno serves as a Mentor, Coach, and Teacher, guiding numerous aspiring Chiropractors and students on their journey. His influence extends far beyond the confines of his office, shaping the landscape of Chiropractic, health, and healing on a global scale. Hailing from France, Arno’s journey to Sherman College marked the genesis of his vision for Chiropractic to usher in a new era of wellness for humanity.

The Cafe of Life and the Mosquito Principle

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Prepare to embark on an extraordinary voyage through the intricacies of life, health, and the miraculous potential within us all. Arno’s experiential narrative illuminates the innate power that resides within, leaving no reader untouched. As the pages turn, perspectives on health, life force, and the neuro-spinal system undergo a profound metamorphosis. Armed with newfound understanding, readers emerge equipped with a navigational tool—an unwavering trust in the journey of life itself.

Honoring Chiropractic Pioneers: A Testament of Courage

During our school assemblies, we were regaled with tales of chiropractic pioneers—men and women who faced incarceration for the principles they upheld. Their stories were not just inspiring; they were monumental testaments to unwavering dedication. These pioneers were not driven by fanaticism; rather, they were fueled by an unyielding commitment to their calling and vocation. While fanaticism manifests in the willingness to harm others for ideology, these individuals exhibited true commitment—they were prepared to endure imprisonment or even death for their principles.

These doctors embodied courage, foresight, and fortitude, demonstrating a level of commitment and dedication that few could match. Their actions were guided by a powerful vision—one that propelled them forward in the face of adversity.

As recounted in The Spinal Column, the student newspaper of Palmer College, “Go to jail for chiropractic!” became a rallying cry within the chiropractic community during the profession’s nascent days. The statistics speak volumes: 3,300 chiropractors found themselves behind bars, while 12,000 were arrested a staggering 15,000 times. These numbers attest to the steadfast resolve of countless individuals who refused to waver in their convictions.

Chiropractic is about life.
– Dr Arno Burnier

Exploring Dis-ease: Internal vs. External Factors

Let’s challenge our assumptions: Does innate intelligence govern all creation, including our bodies? Are germs the cause of illness, or does poor health create an environment for them to thrive? Could early trauma disconnect us from our true selves, leading to disease? Isn’t health our birthright?

Are bacteria and viruses part of our internal ecosystem? Why do some fall ill while others remain healthy in the same environment? Are symptoms signals for change, not just signs of sickness?

Why do identical twins with the same DNA have different health outcomes? Is feeling good always a sign of health? What controls our bodily functions if not the brain and genetics?

Is sickness necessary for health? Is there a difference between illness, sickness, and disease? Is childbirth natural or a medical condition?

Is our body a closed system or dynamic and open? How does our mindset affect healing? Shouldn’t we focus more on promoting health than fighting disease?

Living from the inside out means connecting with our inner wisdom. Practices like silence and solitude help.

The Possibilities of Healing

Within each of us lies a remarkable power and innate intelligence capable of achieving the seemingly impossible.

Arno recalls a time when he was scheduled to deliver an educational talk in his office shortly after a serious accident. Despite experiencing pain and difficulty speaking clearly, he persevered. After the talk, a gentleman approached him, expressing his difficulty in understanding his words but acknowledging a profound belief in what I represented. As fate would have it, he was the chairman of a local hospital board. This chance encounter marked the beginning of a transformative relationship, as he and his wife became regular clients, drawn to my unwavering trust in the body’s healing capacity. Though it may sound improbable, this is the unembellished truth of what transpired.

As he hiked through the breathtaking landscapes of Ouray, Colorado, a wise companion reminded him: nature reigns supreme, its power and intelligence ever-present.

Healing is not a uniform process; each organ follows its unique timeline. Skin heals swiftly, while bones and ligaments require more time, owing to their complexity. The spine, in particular, demands careful attention post-injury to avoid reinjury. Remarkably, the body possesses an innate ability to heal, exemplified by the rapid regeneration of organs like the stomach and liver.

True health transcends mere absence of symptoms; it embodies a state of optimal wellbeing, dependent on the harmonious functioning of every bodily system. Vital to this harmony is the unimpeded flow of life force, or chi, throughout the nervous system. This life energy sustains us from birth, gradually diminishing as we age.

Humanity thrives when fully alive, vibrant, and creative, making our health a paramount priority. By embracing proactive, positive health behaviors, we pave the way for a future where wellbeing takes precedence over sickness and disease-care models.

Love: The Ultimate Healer

In 1983, my wife Jane and I made the decision to adopt. Jane had endured five miscarriages, likely stemming from a missing thyroid, removed at a young age due to a gymnastic injury that left her spine impaired. This neurological damage disrupted nerve flow to her thyroid, hindering her metabolism and preventing successful pregnancies.

We often accept external injuries like cuts or broken bones as healable, yet doubt the healing capacity of internal organs.

During this pivotal time, Jane and I embarked on our final vacation before becoming parents. Following Paulo Coelho’s wisdom in the “Manual of The Warrior of Light,” we withdrew from the battlefield to recharge.

Then, the moment arrived. As a Korean woman handed me our adopted son, love enveloped me, shattering the protective armor around my heart. In that transformative instant, years of emotional wounds began to heal, and love revealed itself as the ultimate healer.

Love had always resided within, awaiting acknowledgment. It was this profound love that initiated the healing process, reminding us that love is not just a feeling but a force that transcends all boundaries, capable of restoring even the deepest wounds.

Love is indeed the ultimate healer.

Love’s Role in Chiropractic Miracles (for Chiropractors)

After reading Thea Alexander’s touching book “2150 A.D.”, its message about love’s power stuck with me. Later, when I saw what seemed like miracles in my chiropractic office, I realized they were linked to how open-hearted I felt.

Clients often came with tough stories about their health struggles, making me feel deeply for them. As I adjusted them, I let love flow freely, reminding them that their bodies held the power to heal themselves. This idea gave them strength and took the pressure off me to fix everything.

I noticed that when I let myself be vulnerable and honest about my own struggles, my practice grew. Being genuine, I found, was more important than just putting on a happy face.

While it’s good to stay positive, being real and open is what really builds trust and helps people heal.

 “Live your life by principle, not its outcome.”
– Dr Arno Burnier

Living with Trust

In life, we have two paths: fear or trust.

Choosing trust means embracing whatever life brings without hesitation. Accepting things as they are becomes essential for this way of living.

A trust-filled life revolves around loving every moment. It means listening to our inner voice, intuition, and gut feelings. Despite its ups and downs, this path is filled with flow, joy, and unexpected lessons.

We navigate three rivers of life: the one gifted to us by our soul, the life we live for others, and the one we plan intellectually. The question is, which part of us decides? Our educated mind or our innate wisdom? The answer lies within our innate intelligence, which B.J. Palmer, D.C. believed to be far more vast and powerful than our educated intellect.

From Man-Made Gods to Universal Intelligence: A Personal Journey

My journey towards a deeper understanding of the universe began with a shift in perspective. Chiropractic philosophy introduced the concept of Universal Intelligence, a force vastly different from the traditional image of a human-like God. This resonated deeply with me. Universal Intelligence, present in all matter, was the constant power sustaining existence. It was the ever-present awareness permeating everything, the true meaning of omnipresence. This Intelligence was also all-knowing and all-powerful by virtue of being the source of all that is. It was the creative force of the Universe.

Chiropractic philosophy further introduced the concept of Innate Intelligence, a spark of Universal Intelligence residing within living beings. This resonated too. If Universal Intelligence is everywhere, it must be present in every cell and fiber of my being. I was indeed made of this intelligence, a part of the whole, like a piece of a vast hologram. The image of a human-like God faded, replaced by a more tangible concept of an invisible, all-encompassing Universal Intelligence. It dissolved like the ancient Gods of myth, their power fading with the rise of scientific understanding.

“Surrender, surrender, surrender to what life presents.”
– Dr Arno Burnier

The Immutable Laws of Life: A Guide to Inner Connection

Nature, with its unwavering principles, offers a profound wisdom to those who listen attentively. These immutable laws govern both the external world and our inner experience:

  • The Laws of Life:
    • Law of Survival: The driving force of physiology.
    • Law of Cycles: Rhythms of life, from circadian to cosmic.
    • Law of Equality of Exchange: Dynamic balance in pairs of opposites.
    • Law of Impermanence: Everything returns to its source.
    • Law of Limit Cycle: Self-regulation in nature.
    • Law of Opposites: Dynamic interplay of forces.
    • Law of Adaptation: The inherent drive to adjust.
    • Law of Energy Flow: Greater flow leads to slower decay.
    • Law of Life: The trinity of intelligence, matter, and force.
    • Law of Time: Every process unfolds over time.
    • Law of Interconnectedness: All is one.

These universal principles guide us both outwardly and inwardly.

Life Force: The Inner Light

The life force within, the animating light of our being, holds the key to health and well-being. This vital force, known by various names like chi, prana, or bio-essence, deserves deep exploration and understanding.

Love: The Unifying Force

Love, the unifying ingredient of the Universe, is the sword we carry through life. With an open heart, we connect with the magic and alchemy of life itself.

Nature as My Church: A Personal Religion

For me, nature is the sacred space, life is the religion, trust is my faith, and love is the guiding force.

Chiropractic Adjustments: Reconnecting with the Inner Light

Just as subtle shifts can disrupt our alignment, minor adjustments can reset our path. B.J. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, recognized that a minute change in the flow of mental impulse can lead from normal function to dis-ease, eventually culminating in pathology. This disconnection from our inner light can be addressed through chiropractic adjustments, aiming to reunite the physical with the spiritual.

Enlightenment: A Personal Experience

With these insights, I finally understood the profound words of B.J. Palmer: “The sole purpose of the adjustment is to unite the physical with the spiritual.” After experiencing this profound state of being for three months, I found validation in the writings of Dr. David Hawkins, who described a similar experience of enlightenment in his books.

 “Health is not the absence of symptoms, sickness, disease, or infirmity. In other words, we can be healthy and express symptoms, feeling quite miserable, as strange as this may seem.
– Dr Arno Burnier

Understanding Symptoms: A Deeper Look

Symptoms can be categorized into six main types:

1. Cleansing Symptoms:

The body eliminates unwanted byproducts and toxins through various means, including vomiting, diarrhea, pus discharge, pimples, rashes, perspiration, and even coughing. This is a natural cleansing process. Animals often instinctively utilize fasting as a path to healing.

2. Adaptive Symptoms:

Our bodies adapt to changing environments. For example, experiencing a cold during the fall season is a common adaptive response.

3. Pathological Symptoms:

These symptoms indicate underlying disease or pathology.

4. Retracing Symptoms:

Sometimes, starting chiropractic care later in life can lead to the re-emergence of past symptoms that were previously suppressed by medication.

5. Symptoms and Overall Well-being:

While symptoms are important indicators of illness, they become less relevant when focusing on promoting overall health, vitality, and well-being.

The Normality of Sickness:

People who experience spontaneous remission often demonstrate unwavering faith, trust, and clarity, even when faced with serious diagnoses. They operate outside the typical norms of illness. Dr. Andrew Weil’s book “Spontaneous Healing” highlights the importance of positivity, trust, and faith in the body’s natural healing abilities.

Could Sickness Be Part of the Health Picture?

Could our bodies require the challenges of illness to reorganize and develop new strategies for living?

Beyond the Spectrum of Illness:

Two interesting states exist at the extremes of the wellness spectrum:

  • Hypochondriacs: These individuals constantly believe they are sick, experiencing psychosomatic symptoms even in their absence.
  • Healthochondriacs: These individuals are excessively focused on being healthy, potentially overmedicating themselves.

Stress and Its Impact:

Hans Selye, a renowned medical doctor, proposed the General Adaptation Syndrome, highlighting the role of stress in various diseases. We often hear how stress can contribute to specific illnesses.

Illness as a Dynamic Process:

Illness is a dynamic process, constantly evolving and influenced by our daily activities, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual states, as well as the natural cycles of life.

The Innate Intelligence and Healing:

The body’s innate intelligence works tirelessly to slow down or reverse disease, which is essentially a lack of life and disconnection from specific body parts. Reconnection plays a crucial role in the healing process.

The Hierarchy of Healing:

There is a hierarchy in the healing process:

  • Spiritual: Disconnection from our spirit and inner calling is often the root cause of dis-ease. This can be addressed through deep inner listening, introspection, contemplation, and meditation.
  • Mental: Viewing illness as abnormal or static can hinder healing. The mind has the power to choose its thoughts, influencing the physical manifestation of illness.
  • Physical: Chiropractic care, responsible medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, naturopathy, and various energy and bodywork practices can support overall well-being.

The Spine and Emotional Expression:

Many neck problems can stem from unexpressed or unfelt emotions. The seven cervical vertebrae correspond to the seven steps to knowledge, representing a journey from the intellect to the heart.

The dorsal spine, connected to the rib cage, houses many of our emotional wounds. The lumbar spine, where support issues often manifest, can reflect a lack of emotional, financial, familial, or social support.

The Sacrum and Beyond:

Sacrum malfunction can lead to severe disorders. This sacred area houses the dormant Kundalini energy, which, when awakened, can lead to enlightenment. Specific breathing techniques and spinal adjustments can influence energy and consciousness.

The pelvis is the site of human creation, and the sacrum is often traumatized during falls in early childhood. Throughout life, various activities and prolonged sitting can contribute to sacrum subluxations.

The coccyx, connected to the meninges, can also impact the nervous system when subluxated.

Chiropractic Techniques for Assessment and Correction:

Some chiropractors can assess spinal subluxations by listening to the specific tones of each vertebra, feeling their energetic tone, or visualizing the spine through palpation. Chiropractic recognizes that life is expressed through tone, and balanced tone leads to proper muscle tension and body function.

The spinal cord, protected by the spinal canal, transmits life force and information throughout the body. It is where the opposing currents of prana and apana flow. The neuro-spinal system is the most crucial system in the human body, being the first to develop and the last to deteriorate.

 “In my experience, there are two possible ways to live life: in fear or in trust.
– Dr Arno Burnier

A Journey Through Universal and Innate Intelligence

This chapter delves into the profound concepts of Universal and Innate Intelligence.

Universal Intelligence: The Omnipresent Force

Throughout history, across cultures and religions, humans have acknowledged the existence of an unseen, intangible force – Universal Intelligence. It permeates everything, a constant presence that is both everywhere and nowhere. Recognizing this intelligence allows us to appreciate the interconnectedness of all things.

This recognition also fosters a sense of reverence and surrender to a greater wisdom. We become vessels of the divine, instruments serving a higher purpose. Our intellect takes a backseat, allowing us to accept life’s unfolding as it is.

In Healthcare: Aligning with Universal Intelligence

In healthcare, focusing solely on fighting disease misses the bigger picture. By aligning with the principle of life, we prioritize health, healing, and well-being, creating a significant positive impact on the world.

Innate Intelligence: The Architect Within

Understanding Innate Intelligence has been a transformative force in my life, and it has the potential to be the same for you. This innate intelligence resides within all living beings, acting as the architect and designer behind every biological process. It is the intelligence we are born with, guiding and controlling the creation, organization, and repair of our bodies at every cellular level.

The vast knowledge of embryology, biology, and all other medical disciplines lies dormant within a single microscopic egg. This innate intelligence takes a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich and transforms it into the building blocks of our entire body. It is a testament to the divine magic inherent within us.

This innate intelligence, present from conception to transition, is our constant companion, working tirelessly to maintain our well-being.

 “B.J. Palmer, D.C. estimated that millions of brain cells are utilized by our educated intellect and billions of cells by our innate, inborn intelligence.
– Dr Arno Burnier

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